Festa dell’indipendenza dell’Indonesia 2015 – Il Doodle di Google

17 agosto 1945. Festa dell’indipendenza dell’Indonesia 2015. Google mostrerà questo doodle in quelle zone!

“We, the people of Indonesia, hereby declare the independence of Indonesia.”

Festa dell'indipendenza dell'Indonesia 2015

Festa dell’indipendenza dell’Indonesia 2015

This phrase, read by Sukarno, established modern-day Indonesia on the morning of August 17, 1945. While his words were confident, the times were not. Confusion ruled in post-World War II Indonesia, and many rural citizens didn?t believe the news of independence when it finally reached them. But the announcement proved the test of time.

This historic moment has since been enshrined in a monument, depicted in today?s Doodle by Robinson Wood. Sitting center is the speech, inscribed into a slab. Standing alongside are Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta, the nascent country?s first president and vice president.

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